Shelter Boys part of UN Consultation

Shelter Boys part of UN Consultation

Twelve NGO’s took part in the three-day long meeting, which highlighted the problems children faced and underlined steps that Governments could take to resolve these problems.

The first day began with the introductory session. The children were introduced to the idea of the consultation. The children were then divided in groups and given various activities with the idea of depicting the present situation of street children; after which each group had to share what they prepared.

The second day, mainly focused on the problems of street children using the ‘tree of life’ module. The ‘tree of life’ module was used to know the present situation, the root causes, the effects and the dreams of a street child.

The presentation helped highlight a host of issues that children face. There was also a session by two members of the UN Committee for the Rights of the Child. They explained and also got to know the problems of street children from them, first-hand.

On the third day, the focus moved to what the government could do to improve the lives of children on the streets. Many children came forward and shared their experiences and problems. The children were given an exercise on bringing about change, with regard to the issue of street children.

The consultation ended with the assurance by the members from the UN, who took down the various issues raised by the children and promised that something will be done with regards to the same.

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