Projects/Programs from YaR Forum

Projects/Programs from YaR Forum

Standardization of the YaR Centers/Mission in India

A process of serious reflection within the YaR Forum led to the conclusion that standardization can be classified under two categories. The first category includes sound practices to be achieved by the local YaR Centers and by the Provincial YaR commissions. Find below the standards to be achieved by the local YaR Centers and by the Provincial YaR commissions.

Standards to be achieved by the local YaR Centers

1. Annual plan. Every local YaR centre will work to a plan that is prepared at the beginning of every new year. (June-May)

2. Every YaR centre to be a legally registered body or part of a legal body (Society,Trust etc)

3. The children’s homes run by the YaR centre needs to be registered or must have a proper legal status (Orphanage Board, Fit institution etc).

4. A documentation system – updated records about the organization, its activities, its beneficiaries etc. Someone in the organization could be given that responsibility to maintain the documentation as a continuous process. Homelink software could be used for the purpose of documenting the children who are served by the organization. Use this software also for analyzing the work of the organization, for advocacy purposes and for planning the activities of the organization. The relevant data from the Homelink assisted documentation system of the YaR Centers could be uploaded into the National Server for missing child search, child tracking and for advocacy purposes. Once the centers have their documents and the documentation in place, providing necessary data and information from the centre to the Provincial YaR commission Office and also to the National office for the purpose of advocacy, visibility and policy formulation becomes easy.

5. Individual care plan for every child who comes under the services of the centre. This would mean that each YaR centre must have its specific intake and social reintegration Policies in place.

6. Annual reports (June to May). The annual report is to be got ready by the end of June every year. A format for it can be made available.

7. Every personnel of the YaR centre including the Salesians must have good knowledge of the YaR child Policy and must sign their declaration of commitment to the YaR child Policy.

8. Network : Maintain good relationship with the Local Govt: Administration Bodies such as village, panchayat , Municipality , corporation , District Administration offices, Juvenile Justice structures such as CWC, JJB etc and participate in their meetings. Become aware of the schemes of the Govt: that could support the YaR centres and apply for those resources. Maintain good relationship with the Police department, Media, other NGOs that work for children etc. in the neighbourhood. Build up a strategy for local fund raising and self sustainability of the organization. Form a group of eminent persons from the neighbourhood who would defend and stand by your centre- a YaR Centre Advisory Body.

9. Child policy Systems. Establish specific systems at the local YaR centre that are necessary for the implementation of the YaR Child Policy.

10. Campaigns and Researches. Be willing to be part of campaigns and researches initiated by the Province YaR Commission and the National YaR Office.

Standards to be achieved by the Provincial YaR Commissions

1. The Province YaR Commission annual plan. It must contain the specific plan of the province and the common directions given from the National Office which are common for all the provinces. It is important that the plan is ready in the month of June.

2. YaR meetings and YaR Commission meetings, to plan, review and evaluate. Fix the dates of those meetings for the whole year and have them entered in the Annual YaR Commission annual plan. YaR meeting; in the YaR meetings, Directors of all the YaR centers/ventures in the province take part. YaR Commission meeting: in this meeting only the YaR commission members take part. Both these meetings could be had on the same day.

3. Animation of the YaR mission in the province. At least one province level seminar/workshop a year on a theme connected with the marginalized children and young persons.

4. Collaborate with the National Office for campaigns, projects, researches, documentation, news magazine, YaR Day etc.

5. Support YaR Centers in the Province. Provide information to the YaR centers in the province regarding new and relevant schemes, policies and legal systems connected with YaR.

6. Support the formation communities in the province for the capacity building of those in formation in YaR Ministry. It could preferably be a continuous capacity building programme or a particular activity during the year (weekly ministry, exposure programme, celebration of the YaR day, seminar, workshop, YaR Subjects included in the syllabus, holiday ministry, Formation personnel are invited to participate in YaR meetings and programmes in the Province).

7. Continuous information sharing about YaR Ministry possibilities with the Provincial and his council.

The National Secretary of YaR Forum went to each of the Provinces and met the Provincial, Youth Pastoral Delegate of the Province, YaR Commission Coordinator of the Province and the Province YaR commission members and discussed the above standardization proposal and they have accepted to implement it and go through this process of standardization.

This is a great step in the right direction in our YaR Ministry. We are so happy about it. Standardization of all the YaR Centers and commissions will lead to strengthening of the National YaR Network. This will definitely help in achieving the objectives of Don Bosco National Forum for the Young at Risk. Something beautiful about this category of standardization is that the YaR centers and the Province YaR commissions and the Provinces have agreed to achieve those standards in their YaR centers and the commissions on their own.

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