Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Inspired by Don Bosco and challenged by the marginalisation of peoples -especially of the young, we will strive by our attitudes, way of life and actions, to empower the young at risk and to create a just and humane society by joining hands with socially responsible citizens and groups.

  • We shall incarnate ourselves. as individuals and groups, in locations and communities where marginalization is more prevalent.
  • We shall accompany the Young at Risk in their struggle to grow to fullness in freedom and humaneness.
  • We shall provide positive environments that will prevent exploitation and will empower the Young at Risk to be agents of personal and social transformation.
  • We shall create newer spaces to grow, live and work together; especially giving priority to participatory, human and child rights perspectives.
  • With the Young at Risk in the forefront, we shall network with other socially responsible individuals and groups in building communities and movements.
  • We shall build each of our Salesian settings into dynamic educative pastoral communities and vibrant Salesian communities.

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