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The reality of safety and protection of children in India is alarming. Children gone missing, trafficked, abducted, runaway, thrown away, etc., are not new to our society, yet the past decade has unearthed many horrible aspects of these realities.Cases of missing children represent a conglomeration of different social problems, including abductions/kidnappings, trafficking, and exploitation for various purposesby family members, by non-family members or strangers. There are cases of children who run away on their own or forced to run away due to compelling circumstances in their families and extended surrounding, children who face unfriendly and hostile environment or who are abandoned and children who are lost or injured in accidents, etc. Such marginalized children are encountered and rendered services by Government and Non-government Organizations. Homelink / Missing Child Search Network is meant for such organizations.

Homelink Network members use an uniform documentation software to record the comprehensive details of children, staff, volunteers, reachout programmes, etc. and to prepare list, standard, statistics, analysis, customizable reports, etc. to establish the database for Management Information System ofthe organization. The Homelink website (www.missingchildsearch.net) captures missing children complaints (of police and public as well) and matches with Homelink National database to track and trace the missing children and to restore them to their families.Homelink Network System has optimal potentialto analyze the data and comprehend the dimension of the problem. Thus the organization can establishsystematic strategy and scienticfic approach of working with children/young at risk.
For more details – www.missingchildsearch.net

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